Arbor Mounts for Wheels 4" Diameter & Smaller

Small diameter cut-off wheels are typically mounted on a collett type tool.  The wheels need to be held between two flanges of equal diameter.  Our arbor mounts are designed to securely hold wheels with diameters 4" and smaller, and a maximum thickness of 1/4".   Do not attempt to use them with wheels thicker than 1/4".

Select the size below based on the diameter of the center arbor hole of the wheel you are going to mount.  #980403 comes with two nuts, one for 1/4" arbor hole wheels and the other for 3/8"

Small Whl Arbors
Code Name Price  
908401 A38 mount for 3/8 arbor holes x 1/4 shank - Box of 1 $5.00
908402 A14 mount for 1/4 arbor holes x 1/4 shank - Box of 1 $5.00
908403 A48 mount combo with nuts for both 1/4 & 3/8 arbor holes - Box of 1 $7.00
908404 A18 mount for 1/8 arbor holes x 1/4 shank - Box of 1 $5.00