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The products in this section are made with nonwoven nylon abrasive material and are generally used to clean and polish surfaces without removing the base material.  They are commonly listed as "SCD" items. The "Strip Clean" discs are used to remove paint and other difficult finishes.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<  The product types listed below Surface Conditioning Products can be selected in the left naviagation list.

  • Hook & Loop SCD attach to backup pads the have the long hook Gripper T hooks
  • The quick change SCD have a Type R button for use with this style holder, which are available from our store
  • Scuff Balls have a globe shaped compact nonwoven head which can be used on non-flat surfaces
  • 6 x 9 nonwoven hand pads are for hand polishing and cleaning
  • Strip clean discs are agressive for removel of paint and heavy rust
Surface Conditioning Products
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