We offer sanding discs in a wide variety of types and grits. Select the type of disc you need from the navigation list in the left margin.

  • Resin fiber discs run from 4" to 9" diameter and are used with backup pad
  • Semi-flex discs are extra thick for agressive stock removal
  • Trim-Kut discs have a plastic back than can be trimed as the out edge wears
  • Hook & loop paper aluminum oxide discs are for finish sanding with random orbital tools
  • Pressure senditive adhesive(PSA)discs are another style of finishing disc
  • Hook & Loop silicon carbide discs can be used on materials like granite, stone, etc
  • Wavy edge discs are used to sand concave surfaces and other curved surfaces
  • PSA cloth discs generally go on stationary disc sanders

Always use the proper size backup pads with sanding discs.  We offer a full selection of backup pads which you can link to from the left margin.

Sanding Discs
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