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Interleaved Flap Wheels

Interleaved Flap WheelWe offer a wide selection of interleaved flap wheels that can be special ordered.  All of sizes listed below can be ordered with the cloth abrasive leaves in grits 60 and finer.  The wheels in the picture are 180 grit which is common for polishing applications.
These wheels are excellent for polishing aluminum, brass, stainless and other metals.  Available grits are 40-60-80-100-120-150-180-220-280-320-400-600.

The prices in the table are $ per wheel based on the number of wheels ordered per line item.  All wheels are made to order in about one week. 

Download a printable version of this flap wheel selection

Large diameter inline surface conditioning flap wheels

Due to variety of grits and quantity pricing level, these wheels are not in the online shopping cart.  Call 1-800-367-7291 or email us for more information or to place an order.  Your prices are listed below.  This product is made to order and not returnable.

The part numbers in the table indicate the size with the "xxx" replaced by the abrasive cloth grit.  For example, 851801180 is a 1 x 2 wheel with 180 grit cloth.  All of these wheels have a 1/4" straight shank.


Size Part No - Grit 10 Pc
 20 Pc
50 Pc
Diam x Lgth
1/4" Shank
1 x 2 851801xxx 10.38 6.70 5.20
1-1/2 x 1/2 851802xxx 9.00 5.72 4.49
1-1/2 x 1 851803xxx 9.95 6.70 5.09
2 x 1 851804xxx 11.68 7.99 6.23
2 x 2 851805xxx 13.31 9.21 7.15
3 x 1/2 851806xxx 11.90 8.39 6.47
3 x 1 851807xxx 13.59 9.31 7.52
3 x 2 851808xxx 16.86 11.34 8.75

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