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Portable SawThese abrasive wheels are for hand held portable saws like the picture at right.  The arbor 5/8-DM is a diamond arbor with an insert for 5/8" arbor tools.  Use with tools like the picture at right.

Download a printable PDF safety sheet for abrasive products.

  • A24-TBF is for cutting metal
  • C24-TBF is for cutting concrete/masonry
  • The 5/8-Diam arbor has the punch out bushing to allow use on diamond arbor saws.

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Part No Diameter Thick Arbor Spec RPM Pack $/Box
924161 7" 1/8" 5/8-Diam A36TBF 8,700 10 25.70
925181 7" 1/8" 5/8-Diam C24TBF 8,700 10 25.70
925190 7" 1/8"  5/8 C24TBF 8,700 10 25.70
924271 8" 1/8" 5/8-Diam A36TBF 8,000 10 30.90
925261 8" 1/8" 5/8-Diam C24TBF 8,000 10 30.90
924400 10" 1/8"  5/8 C24TBF 6,500 10 52.40
925320 10" 1/8"  5/8 C24-TBF 6,500 10 52.40

Diamond Blades

You can order diamond blades for portable saws.  Click Here


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