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Accessories for Backup Pads

We carry a number of accessories for abrasive backup pads.

Download 12 page backup pad catalog.

Koltec Arbor Insert  Arbor shank

Inserts - Change Female Arbors Sizes

Adapter - Female to Shank

Mounting nut for RFD pads Wrench for RFD pads

Mounting nuts for RFD pads

Spanner Wrench for RFD Pads
Fits any nut hole pattern

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Part No Description $/Ea
151536 I-045-5-3  Insert 5/8-11 to 3/8-24 1.02
151532 I-045-5-M102  Insert 5/8-11 to M10x1.25 1.02
151534 I-045-5-M105  Insert 5/8-11 to M10x1.5 1.02
151528 I-045-M-3  Insert M14 to 3/8-24 1.02
151524 I-045-M-M102  Insert M14 to M10x1.25 1.02
151531 I-125-M-4S  Adapter M14 to 1/4 shank 2.00
151529 I-125-5-4S  Adapter 5/8-11 to 1/4 shank 2.00
151514 N-005-5  5/8-11 Nut for 7" and 9" RFD 2.21
151516 N-005-M14  M14 Nut for 7" and 9" RFD 2.21
151522 N-009-3  3/8-24 Nut for 4" x 5/8" RFD 1.53
151518 N-009-M102  M10x1.25 Nut for 4" x 5/8" RFD 1.53
151520 N-009-M105  M10x1.5 Nut for 4" x 5/8" RFD 1.53
151510 N-016-5  5/8-11 Nut for 4" and 5" RFD 1.53
151512 N-016-M14  M14 Nut for 4" and 5" RFD 1.53
151550 W-061  Spanner wrench for all nuts 3.56

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