Resin Bond T-1 Grinding Wheels

Our small diameter straight T-1 resin bond reinforced aluminum oxide grinding wheels are typically used on straight grinders with tool guards. Usually used for off-hand grinding of ferrous metals. Never use on a tool whose max RPM exceeds the wheel rating. Use with an approved tool wheel guard.

Wheels are listed with aluminum oxide specifications from A24-TBF to A46-TBF, coarser to finer grits. All are double external reinforced. Other specifications are available. We can also provide some sizes in silicon carbide for use on very soft metals and ceramics. Email us your requirements.

Wheel sizes are listed Diameter x Thickness x Arbor (always in that order) 

2" to 4" Straight Grinding Wheels
Code Name Price  
907856 4 x 1/2 x 3/8 T-1 Reinf Grinding Whl A24TBF - 13560 rpm - Box of 10 $44.72
907857 4 x 1/2 x 3/8 T-1 Reinf Grinding Whl A36TBF - 13560 rpm - Box of 10 $44.72