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High Density Flap Discs

High density flap discs have 60% more cloth than our standard discs.  They are excellent for grinding contours, or for longer life in flat grinding applications.  The are used with right angle grinders.
All discs on this sheet have fiberglass back plates and premium alumina zirconia cloth. 

T-29 Beveled High Density Disc


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Part No Diameter Arbor Hole Grit Pack $/Box
With 7/8" arbor holes. Requires proper tool flanges. 

New Lower Prices

645047L 4-1/2" 7/8" 40 10 39.00
645067L 4-1/2" 7/8" 60 10 39.00
645087L 4-1/2" 7/8" 80 10 39.00
607047L 7" 7/8" 40 10 80.00
607067L 7" 7/8" 60 10 80.00
607087L 7" 7/8" 80 10 80.00

Made In USA


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